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Make Your Darling Amazed With Lucky Stone For Capricorn Woman

capricorn birthstoneLucky Stone for Capricorn woman can be used as a symbol to express the feeling of romantic and elegant. You can use this diamond for your fiancé and wife who has Capricorn zodiac. That will be very romantic. Before, you buy diamonds for your darling. You must know the tips for choosing the diamonds.

Tips For Choosing Stone Capricorn Woman

There is four key to choose diamonds, those are four C.  This is to help you find the right balance and highly qualified diamond per budget. The four keys are Clarity, Color, Carat, and Cut. They are the most decisive factor when choosing diamond jewelry. The characteristic of lucky stone for Capricorn woman will determine the value, rarity, and beauty of the diamond. Generally, diamond has yellowish white color but for the top quality of diamonds colored crystal clear. White crystal clear quality is very good, but the rarest and expensive diamond is colored blue and pink. When you buy a diamond for style, it should be completely free from defects in flawless. A very slight inclusion is still beautiful bright, and that can only be seen by someone who expert in diamond through a 10 x magnifying glass. Defects in the diamond affect the price, the fewer defects the more expensive.

In contrast to gold, a gold carat is a unit contained levels but at a diamond karat weight. A karat is a standard unit of weight for diamonds. Carat weight expressed as “points” with one karat diamond is equivalent to 100 points. The term ‘karat’ is often misinterpreted as the size of the diamond. The second factor is how a rough diamond is cut to produce a smooth diamond. The effects of this diamond-cutting will produce a high level of brilliance, sparkle, and shine. The cutting stage is most important because it affects the quality of the diamond, so it needs special skills and craftsmanship detail. Now, after knowing the tips, don’t hesitate to buy lucky stone for Capricorn woman which has high quality. Make your darling surprised with this.

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