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Game Review: PES Club Manager

Dodo HackNot a long time ago, there is a new android’s game about club manager in TOP 12. Recently, you can found the same category from PES Seri that shows you more action and great simulation. Konami released a new game in a managerial category named PES Club Manager. Konami is a game developer from Osaka, Japan. The most famous product of Konami is Pro Evolution Soccer or you could call it PES which is the old brother of PES Club Manager. In PES Club Manager, you’re demanding to oversee handle your favorite club in PES. This game had a high definition graphic for android’s game.

Menu In PES Club Manager

For the starter, android user and newbie gamers, they might be found some difficult to understand the game. The first menu is edit team, it’s for organizing the formation team. Player management is to get best players for the club. There are some choices to buy in the market or the scout. Developing some facilities could be upgraded in My hometown menu. There are some facilities that can be upgraded bigger such as club house, entertainment facilities, office, R&R, shouting agency, club museum, stadium and more. Special trait menu will give you special training for each club’s player. Player development is for increasing the abilities of club’s player. To earn great young player, you can come to Youth team menu, the higher your youth academy, the better player you’ll get. League match day is a menu to had a match in the cup, league or another competition. And the important one is Finances menu, all the club’s finance can be seen in there.

PES Club Manager is such a great game to play with in your spare times. The combination of the good storyboard and high definition graphics mix so well and resulting in the great managerial game. Managerial game’s lover should download this game, and another good news is you can get a little game hack there.

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